Devonthink on 2 computers with Dropbox - Sync Choice.

Hello all,

I need your help to take the good decision :slight_smile: I’m working with 2 mac (one at home, the second at the office). All my document are on a large Dropbox (1TB). I’m newbie with DVPO, but i’m convinced it’ll help me for my job. I’m collecting large amount of documents and data, which need to be organized. Network at home is poor, and very good at the Office. Which solution do you recommend me ?

  • Using a local data base on each computer, with the indexation of my Dropbox folder
  • Using a database in my dropbox folder (with different folder for documents and Database)
  • Using another solution with a sync option?

thanks a lot for your help

I recommend this. You already have the documents in Dropbox and this method works well, IMO.

NO! Please, don’t ever put a database inside Dropbox. It will destroy your database. (Voice of experience.)

If you use option one, you could sync the database that indexes the files. No need to start this way, though. You can add the database syncing later. The slow speed on the home network could be a problem for sync duration, though.

" Using a database in my dropbox folder (with different folder for documents and Database)"

even if the database is on a dropbox folder, and the documents in another one ? like
– Database
– Documents

Dropbox’s mechanisms aren’t made to sync a live database package like ours (and you can find similar warnings about databases with other services as well). A DEVONthink database should not be place in any Dropbox (or automatically cloud-synced) folder or you could irreparably damage it.

Dropbox or no, we strongly advocate primary backups be done with local external drives and Apple’s TimeMachine (or similar application that is metadata-aware). The level of redundancy and use of offsite backups is up to you, but advisable for critical data.