DevonThink on new Mac Pro 12 core with default 64bit kernel

The company I work with has ordered a new shipment of the 12 core mac pros. I am curious how aware DevonThink is of what hardware it is running on. I know DevonThink is still 32-bit, but the new machines are the first besides Xserves that boot into default 64 bit mode. Grand Central Dispatch is supposed to ease the utilization of multiple cores, so what I’m asking is:

Any problems running DevonThink on a default 64bit kernel? Sorry if this is a dumb question, I’m not so much paying attention to the 32/64bit kernel booting, I understand that 32bit and 64bit apps both run fine on a 32bit kernel boot, but since the new machines don’t even offer 32bit kernel booting anymore is DevonThink going to work correctly?

Since I’m going to now have 2 cpus, 12 cores, I would think this machine is a “paperless office” paradise and OCR should be lightening fast with multiple concurrent jobs blazing along. Somehow though, I am thinking this ideal theory is going to be met with: the OCR engine is only licensed to use one core at a time, no speed increase at all, DT will use 1 core while the other 11 just sit there.

I am hoping to be pleasantly surprised, but not really expecting DevonThink to run much faster then it does on a iMac, which is too bad, but the state of most software right now anyway, Snow Leopard grand plans to utilize the hardware resources available are not so much being used yet. My main question is: am I going to have any problems using DevonThink on a Mac Pro which only boots a 64bit kernel and no longer uses 32bit?


There are no issues running 32-bit DEVONthink on a 64-bit kernel. I’ve done it for a year now, without issues.

You, as a user, do not need to care about how may bits your kernel has. It is really orthogonal to whether the applications themselves are 32 or 64 bit, on Mac OS X.