DEVONthink Online not loading?

For some reason my database is not loading in the browser (The DEVONthink Online database sharing feature).

(My database is 4 GB in size.)

Is it open, and is “Share Database” checked in Database Properties?

Yes, it’s open, and share database is enabled (‘Read Only’ is unchecked).

I’m unable to open it in my web browser on my Mac (Host computer with the database) and the other computer (Trying to browser the database over the local network).

I open it up, and then the ‘DEVONthink Online’ interface loads fully. I press the triangle next to the database to show the directories but it gets stuck.

What browser are you using? Safari would be the choice if you wish to use Bonjour.

Google Chrome on Windows (and when I tested it on my Mac (Local hosting computer for the database), Safari.).

Please start a Support Ticket.