Devonthink / Papers / Sente / Bookends

Although the Bookends integration is most welcome I in fact use Sente. The Houthaker scripts for putting annotations from Sente into DT is potentially fantastic for creating a really intelligent database of articles and the bits of them I found important.

It would be really nice to have the same level of integration with Sente as DT currently offers with Bookends.

The ideal workflow would then be

  • get the article into Sente
  • read it, highlight and annotate on iPad
  • import the annotations as individual notes into DT (natively rather than via a 3rd party script) OR, better yet, have a way of accessing highlit parts and notes for a pdf from within DT so they appear as individual searchable items. The second way would be ideal then the pdf and its annotations would be kept together, and would work for multiple different sources of annotated pdfs, not just Sente.
  • ideally have a way of flagging in Sente which articles have been imported into DT
  • even more ideally have a way of updating rather than re-importing as duplicates for those occasions when you do add more highlighting/notes etc in Sente.

Of course if you were able to extract the notes/highlights from the pdf and make them searchable then you wouldn’t necessarily even need to import from Sente - you could just index the attachments folder.

I’m sure Papers people would like something similar. Or perhaps people already do this and I’ve missed a trick.



Thanks for the suggestion! This is currently more likely than dedicated support for Sente.