DEVONthink PE 1.7

Congratulations and thank you to the team for version 1.7!

I haven’t had a chance to try out all of the new features.  The outline function is neat,  though I think it will take a bit to “wrap my head” around it, and make it truly useful… I can’t find an indent/outdent command, so perhaps that’s not in this rev.  The documentation is greatly improved (though it can still be improved: documentation can never be too explicit, or too clear).  The improved pdf text handling seems very useful.

For me, however, the most welcome feature is the ability to create and resolve aliases.  This one feature utterly changes the way in which I will use DT…it frees my DT structure from my Finder file/folder hierarchy.

Once again, thanks.

Fully agree, but mostly: the speed!!!
Excellent, classify, everything very much faster, and that is very welcom!

Just wanted to add my 2-cents. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! The update is excellent! I love being able to finally edit inline without having to pop up a window. Highlighing looks like it will be especially useful to me as well. It’s great to see you folks have been so busy!

My congratulations to the DT team as well.

Speed is noticeably improved. I can use the highlighting in many ways. And I think just the new and added formatting has improved documentation, though I look forward to updates as well.

Craig Turner

I get a the ruler in split view for RTF-dokuments that has the ruler active in window view.

When the ruler in split view is activated it will stay there for every document, RTF or Text, until I close the browser and open a new or restart.

If the ruler is supposed to be there it would på nice to be able to turn it of in the preferences.

Seems to be a minor glitch. Turn off the ruler using "Hide ruler" or press Cmd-Shift-R.

Absolutely terrific! Especially the speed. It was so frustrating sometimes waiting for the older version. I could hardly believe my eyes the first time I saved an item in this new version.

This great new speedup got me thinking, though, about something that seems to take some unwarranted time, and is  also visually jarring to me and I wondered if anyone else felt the same way about it or if it can be set off with a preference, and that is: When you drop a piece of data in a folder, the folder pops open and displays all the files in that folder and then pops closed again. Is this necessary?


Yes, when I have a RTF document selected and click in the text area I can use "Hide ruler" or press Cmd-Shift-R.

Just bought a licens :-).

Very nice work on the upgrade :wink:

The ability to be able to highlight individual words or sections of text in an rtf document is really useful. The pdf manual is very well written too.

Thanks again,


Love 1.7.1, but can’t seem to get the outline function to work properly. Is it me or the upgrade?

Select any item you want to make an outline item, open the info palette and check “Outline”. The file icon of the item should change into a checkbox you can use for whatever you like. That’s it.