Devonthink PE 1.9.9 still showing as 1.9.8

Yesterday I downloaded and installed the latest upgrade of DTPE: 1.9.9
But when I go on the about menu it still shows as 1.9.8
I have rebooted, repaired disk permissions etc, repeated the process…
No way to tell if the upgrade was successfull or not.
Can someone help please
Thank You

After successfully installing the application, the About panel should display v1.9.9. Therefore please download & install the application again.

I have reinstalled the application 4 times. no success.
any other suggestion?
the same problem is appearing also on another computer where I have the same version.
Thank You

Did you download the archive from this page?

I’ve just downloaded DT Personal again, checked all 4 localizations and the About panel displays always v1.9.9 as expected.

I recently had a similar problem with the new iTunes. In my Applications folder, I found that I still had an old copy of the application inside a folder, and that’s the one that was running from the Dock icon.

So, you might just ask Spotlight if you have two copies of DTPE on your machine.

Hello Howarth, hello cgrunenberg,

Thank You for your help!

I don’t know why but I had the older version of devonthink on both computers with a “_1” at the end of the name, and that one was the version still running from the dock.
I guess it was the result of a two way sync… :open_mouth: and I didn’t notice it… :blush:

The first time I downloaded the archive from the automated check new version option
Later the archives were taken from the usual page:
They all have the 1.9.9 version

It now correctly shows 1.9.9

again thank you all for your support!!!