devonthink phone access tip

I found that in some cases it’s easier to export Devonthink to Zumodrive or Dropbox, and access my documents files on the road with the Zumodrive iphone client instead of using the Safari built-in Devonthink webserver.

thanks for the tip! The upcoming maintenance release of DEVONthink Pro (Office) will also include a script to backup to the ZumoDrive.

When you say export Devon think to Zumodrive for use remotely, what format do you use?

It’s a zip of the database, similar to File > Export > Database Archive.

Hi, I use “Export to Files and Folders”, exporting to a directory tree with the most relevant information on a certain topic so I can easily access it on the road. In my case for example a collection of prayers and songs, church documents, relevant quotes by philosophers or theologians when I attend a various types of religious events or lectures.


This sounds like a process that would be reasonably easy to script. I wonder if there’s a way to run it automatically periodically to keep the exported data, say a task list, up to date?

Tom S.