DevonThink Plugins

Is there a DevonThink plugin architecture? There are features I would like added to DevonThink - but the abilities I need really aren’t useful for many people. The features are more specific to law uses.


Gene Bertman

The features I need are expanded abilities with Sheets (more spreadsheet like) and the ability to add files that can’t be indexed but I need for a specific project.

There’s not a user-accessible plugin architecture for DT Pro.

The developers do have some plans for Sheets. Please post what you would like to be able to do with Sheets.

You can Import (copy to the database Files folder) or Index (link to) “unknown” file types. To enable that, go to DT Pro Preferences > Import and under the Files subheading check “Unknown file types”.

The documents representing unknown file types will contain no text, but their contents in the Info panel (Name, Path, Date Created, Date Modified, Comment, State, etc.) will be searchable. If you wish, you may add searchable text in the Comment field. You may also assign a Label to such files and search by Label.

So you can, indeed, bring in non-indexable files, add text in their Comment field and add metadata that may be useful to you, such as State or Label.

I think more database/spreadsheet features like the ability to sort by date or alpha or numeric plus some filters - Create some input forms

Essentially, I create several timelines when working on a case. The current sheets cannot sort by date. Also, there are times I need to filter the results or find relationships between dates (your search engine helps greatly with that) Also, i need to link the original documents to the timeline if I need to see the underlying source.

Forms would make some of the data (like addressbooks) easier to read.

I would think some type of plugin architecture would allow for some neat features that people could build in to expand the file types your program could read.

Devonthink - BTW - is a great research tool already!!! These additions will allow me to stay in Devonthink longer as opposed to switching between several programs.

re. sorting by date.

I also create timelines. I can sort on date columns of my own design as well as the date columns DT supplies (Date Created, Date Modified).

I have created a date column for historical information I’m tracking. Formatting the dates as YYYY-MM-DD, for example 1776-07-04, gives me the ability to sort by date.

To get a sort on Date Created or Date Modified, I go into three-pane view, single click on the sheet timeline (without opening it in a separate window.) If you have added to your view Date Created, for example, you can click on the heading to sort by date.