DEVONthink PO Plugins

Is there a technical and or Business reason why DEVONthink does not have a plug-in architecture? It’s apparently the most scriptable Cocoa app on the market, allow us to write plug-ins for it! I’ve seen so many feature requests that could be built by 3rd party devs and keep give users the Nirvana they are seeking!

I’d suggest that plug-ins be an Pro Office only feature to prevent cannibalization of sales in the higher end so PO features wouldn’t be replicated in lesser versions.

I’ve seen feature requested rejected because it does not fit with the development roadmap for DT but I think a plug-in architecture would cure this issue. There’s certain things I’d like to be able to do with DTPO but chances are that I’m one of only a handful of users so my requests would not be taken seriously, but I’m more than happy to craft my own plug-in for this.

DTPO is my new hammer and I love it, but a few tweaks here and there to make it work more the way I do and provide other visualizations would make it my new sledge hammer!

Simple example of something I’m after is a graph like view similar to what is present in DEVONagent. The way I’d use it would morph over time since I don’t fully understand how I’d use it until I start using it - this means I can waste my own time creating the plug-in to get it functional enough to suite my workflow without tying up devon-tech resources!

Please don’t just dismiss my request too quickly, I am myself the owner of a small software company in New Zealand and I do understand constraints etc. This also means that I have a fair idea of what I’m letting myself in for!

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