DEVONthink pro 1.5 upgrade problems

I am on OSX 10.5.1 and recently upgraded Devonthink Pro to version 1.5. Since upgrading to 1.5 I have lost all my data. My Groups and Rich Text labels are still in tact but all the data I had enter is gone.

I would prefer phone support but cannot find a number to call.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,

Mick, please send a message to Support and we will walk you through recovery.

Your database problem isn’t specific to the upgrade. Please describe what you many have done recently, such as installing Apple Software Updates, etc.

See if you can locate a recent DEVONthink crash log in <~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/> and if so attach it to the message to Support. That will provide information about the environment on your computer and perhaps what happened.


For phone support you can find our numbers on our Contact page. You can reach us between 9am and 18pm CET (!) at +1-208-286-1704 or +49-7142-988086.