Devonthink Pro 2.0 and Excel files

I’ve been having trouble with DT Pro 2.0 displaying incorrect values when it previews an Excel file. These are not even formula values, they are just plain numbers in a column.

Take a look at this screen shot:

You are looking at an Excel sheet open on top of the DT Pro 2 window.
Take a look at the column “Well”
Not the same :open_mouth:

It seems to be pretty random as to what DT gets wrong but Column 1 seems to be where the problem is. I haven’t studied it extensively to try to track it down though.

Thing is it would be very helpful if DT Pro could preview Excel files so I could look up a value quickly and easily. Thing is it needs to be absolutely accurate in its display or it has no value.

That is probably a problem with the Apple provided QuickLook plugin. You should see the same incorrect result if you use QuickLook in the Finder on that spreadsheet.

You are correct.

It is a Quick Look bug on Apple’s part.

Just wonderful.

Okay this is all very strange. I opened the problematic file in Excel and reformated the column with the problems. I just changed the number of decimal places displayed and then changed it back again. Now the file displays correctly in Quick View and DT Pro.

Hopefully this was just some one-off weirdness :confused: