DEVONthink Pro 2.7.4: database when closed opens upon start

Since updating to 2.7.4 of DEVONthink Pro Office, any database that was open when the program was closed will reopen when the program launches, even if no default database is selected. Is there a way to disable this behavior?

(Removed my original reply - it was wrong):

You are correct. In 2.7.4 for some reason these options were removed:

My DEVONthink behavior prior to 2.7.4 was different: open databases did not reopen when the program was launched. This only appeared (to me) with 2.7.4.

My experience is the same as korm’s-I cannot recall a time when DEVONthink didn’t open all databases that were previously open when I quit the app.

Reopening databases that were open when DEVONthink closes is the default behavior. The only time when it shouldn’t happen is when you crash or force quit DEVONthink.

The OP is correct – see above. Preferences that controlled this behavior were removed in 2.7.4 for some reason.

Phew, I thought I was losing my mind. Or at least perhaps I had a corrupt preference list or ten…


This was indeed removed intentionally though I’m not sure why. Perhaps because the expected behavior was to have the databases reopen by default. (My guess, and a logical one.)

I’ve put in a support ticket voting for the preference to be restored.