Devonthink Pro 3 (Beta) - Apple email questions

I’ve just installed and start testing the DT3 beta and I have a couple fo topics to understand.

First of all, after trying e try again to import email messages I receive a message from DT3 saying that i reach the daily limit to import email messages and I need to buy a license. I understood that the Beta version has not limit me know if I’m wrong.

The second question is still related to the apple email import. I enable the plug in inside the Apple email. But when, in AppleEmail, I choose the message or messages or mailbox, the process start to send the messages sent to DT3 but there it is not possibile to define in which Database. All the messages are sent to the Global Inbox.

Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance

Claudio Ferroni

The betas don’t require a license but the trial limitations of OCR and email archiving are still active.

What’s your setting for Preferences > Import > Destination?

Thatnks !!!

The Preferences > Import > Destination was set to to “Inbox” … I fixed it and now it is ok.

About the limitation … I understand that a license doesn’t need for beta but what are the reasons to limit Email and OCR in a Beta version ? How we can test if everything works fine or testing some new feature. Is there other limitations in Beta?


No other limitations.

Is the limitation still there on the Beta even for those who paid for a DT3 license?

No, it’s only a limitation of unregistered copies.

Then I don’t know why mine is not OCRing. Might be a bug?

Maybe. How do you actually perform it?

I’ve found the issue. I don’t think it’s a bug, but DT should probably be more verbal about why it is not OCRing.

The file in question is password protected. DT adds it to what seems the OCR queue, but nothing happens after that. I had to dig into the Console to find this message:

default 07:50:03.136041 -0600 DTOCRHelper Error adding image file: File /Users/xxxxxx/Documents/Temp.dtBase2/Files.noindex/pdf/1/xxxxxxx.pdf is password-protected and cannot be added to the document.