DEVONthink pro 3 beta - enabling mail plug in

Any tips for enabling the mail plug in on beta 3 and Mojave? I’ve installed the plug in from DEVONthink, enabled full disk access for DEVONthink, enabled the plug in in mail, but don’t see the file - import - mail menu item.

I did notice that in the OS control panel for security and privacy, under the DEVONthink 3 item I only see a check box for ‘finder’…

the file - import - mail menu item.

If you’re referring to DEVONthink’s menus, it’s no longer there. It’s in the Import sidebar, found in the View menu.

PS: This is covered in the documentation, which is also part of the beta testing process.

Ah. I did look at the help files but it does need a much closer reading than I gave it. Am beginning to appreciate the sidebar.