DevonThink Pro always cancelling logout!

Can anyone please help me? I just want to re-start my computer (using Apple menu | Restart), but every time DevonThink Pro cancels the logout. I then need to force quit DevonThink and tell the computer again to re-start…


Make sure you don’t have an edited document open, but hidden by another window. You might not see the message asking whether the document is to be saved, and that would cancel logout.

Force quitting DEVONthink doesn’t close databases properly, and should be avoided if possible. Next time it is launched, run Tools > Verify & Repair to check for possible database errors.

Having a sync scheduled to happen on closing a database will cause the logout to be cancelled.

This is true.

Unfortunately, this is an unavoidable consequence of the way Apple handles logout, shutdown, restart, etc. OS X sends a simple “close” command to DEVONthink, which tells the Sync plugin that it’s about to close.

Neither DEVONthink nor the Sync plugin are able to determine whether this “close” command is because the user told the app to close, or because there’s a request to restart, etc. And there’s no way to perform these closing synchronizations other than to cancel the request, perform the synchronizations, and then close the application.

It’s unfortunate, but there seems to be no easy way around it. Fortunately, there is a hard way around it, which will be used in a future version of Sync.

I think it’s really bad form to shut down / restart your machine with apps running. At the least, not doing this would alleviate this issue for you.

Thanks for the comments. I have disabled “sync on close” for all of my databases so I won’t have this problem again.

However, I feel the need to comment on the last posting just before mine. It seems that, since Mountain Lion, Apple disagrees with this stance. The whole point of re-starting and having apps gracefully just re-appear with what you were working on just before you turned off your computer IS the point! I know others may have a different opinion, but Apple 's opinion seems pretty clear.

Thanks again.

Just another idea of Apple’s I’m not a fan of (incuding their versioning, Gatekeeper, especially the sandbox, …). To each his own.

I agree with that opinion.

What’s the worst that can happen when an app is still running during normal logout and system shutdown if it cleanly handles the “close” command Nathan mentioned? Surely most “Mountain Lion approved” apps are well-behaved in such a normal usage case? I’d save concern for possible negative consequences of a Force Quit or system crash, though plenty of apps and their data survive “unclean exits” with minimal or no problem.