Devonthink Pro database external disk


since i got a new computer i put my databases on my external usb stick (corsair survivor usb3). problem now is that searching is cruel. searching a single database takes a minute now, DTP becomes unresponsive (beachball) during that time.

is this related to the usb stick? the stick has a blue LED that blinks when its in use. during the minute the LED doesn’t blick once.

database info: 500k words, 20m total, 2000 items (1500 pdf, web archive the rest), 1.8gb


Probably yes, but there are lots of factors that affect an analysis of the relative performance of your USB stick versus your hard drive. It’s easy to test the, though. Copy the database to your hard drive, open an instance from there, and test the responsiveness. If things are better, then you have the answer.

i tried some more, moved it from the external disk into an encrypted (256bit aes) dmg on my new intel ssd.
problems still pretty much the same. probably a wee bit faster but nothing to write home about. importing a small webarchive (with instapaper) at times takes 10-20 seconds. during those 20 seconds DTP is beachballing.