DEVONthink Pro DropBox synchronization error

When synching a relatively small DEVONthink Pro database with Dropbox, I keep getting a pop-up that reads “There are significant differences between the local database and the remote store”.

There are two buttons at the bottom of the pop-up, “OK” and “Cancel” with no explanation as to what either button actually does.

When “OK” is pressed the log reads:

"4:27:45 PM: Sync: CI on AV literature → @. (Dropbox) button_subscribe.png: Couldn’t retrieve the content for the record; the record may be incomplete or damaged.

Note that the file button_subscribe.png is never modified by me or any application on my Mac.

I keep getting this type of error, with different files. The first time I removed the synch store, including the folder in DropBox and re-instated Dropbox synching. This worked, but I shouldn’t have to do this repeatedly.

I have tried running “Repair and Verify” and even “Rebuild Database…” under the “Tools” menu, with no apparent affect.

How do I avoid/rectify this problem (without removing and recreating the Dropbox Synchronization)?

Where is this database located?

A 1TB drive attached to a Cisco router on the local subnet

Is it in a Dropbox folder on the drive?
What’s the format of the drive?

Does this same issue occur with a database hosted on your local drive?

The database is on the 1TB external drive. Synch is performed on a Dropbox folder which located on my Mac internal hard drive.

I am confused.

Your DEVONthink database is housed on a 1TB external. (What is the format of the drive?)

What is the relationship to the Dropbox folder? Are you symlinking from the external here? I am not sure what you’re describing.