Devonthink Pro --DT database load in DTP seems to import

I have wasted nearly two entire days trying to resolve this…

I have zipped DT and moved it out of Applications folder.

I copied DT database to Library/Application Support/Devonthink Pro as I was instructed. (I had my old dB on another drive partition where I keep all my databases.)

The things got really funky!!!

I go to file and open, select the dB in the appropriate place. And I click open. But…DTP starts the verify process and then tries to import the file and in fact it does. Well one time was ok. but my dB is 9.4Gb of photos, scanned files, etc. The next time it tries to do the same thing. But this is not the point, though it confuses me why the program would try to import rather than access and open. It also sucks up something of the same order of additional drive space --the remainder of my drive. Then things get really ugly and the system locks up so that I have to crash the system as I can’t close the app down–which seeps into other apps freezing and not closing even when force quitting.

There should be a simple procedure to convert the old product’s database to Pro without all this mess. I’ve read other people’s problems but my situation seems worse than other people’s. This is the opposite of what the program is supposed to help me do–be more PRODUCTIVE!



I am afraid I do not really get your problem – set aside that importing 9.4 GGB of data is a horrible process…

As I understand, you misunderstood the manual: The DT PE had to be installed in the Application support folder, the new DT PRO database needs not. You can store it anywhere. But you stored in the DT PE place, so this might be the reason for DT PRO to think that it has to import from a DT PE database?

Now you may try this (if I understood you rightly):

  1. Copy your PE database folder to whatever place you like (there is a Read me file that explains the process anyway).

  2. Rename the folder to whatever name you would like to give your database and add the suffix “.dtBase”. The icon should then turn to the nice and lovely fossil of DT PRO, showing the database file which is a package in fact.

  3. Now you should be able to open that database without any import.

I wrote this just out of memory about what I did one year ago. You might check whether you did something basically different, then check the install instructions again and then you got it. You will enjoy the Pro version very much!