DevonThink Pro Export Issue

I’m having probelms exporting a group as an RTF document. I had successfully done this in a previous version. Although it’s been a while, I pretty sure I’m doing the same thing:

  • select Group folder
  • File > export… Rich Text (RTF)
  • assign name and save location

The process starts, progress bar shows with no progress, then app quits.
No file is written to the disk.

I tried saving out the same Group folder (also in the same database) that I did awhile ago, and the app also quits.
Export to Omni(products), and as a Website works. Export to Word Doc, Test and RTFD also causes app to quit.


  • DevonThink Pro 1.1
  • OSX 10.4.6

Please advise

I just did a test from my database, selecting for export a group that contained a subgroup, and with mixed rtf, rtfd, PDF and HtML contents.

Exports were done as RTF, RTFD, Word and Web site. All worked perfectly.

Have you run Tools > Verify & Repair on your database to see if it has any errors? Please try that.

There’s always the possibility that one of your files has become corrupted for some reason, perhaps a power supply problem, operating or disk directory problem or whatever. in that case, DT Pro may have “choked” on that file.

Please locate a DT Pro crash log with a date/time corresponding to the export crash. You will find crash logs by opening the Console (Applications > Utilities). Launch the Console. Click on the Logs icon. Click on the triangle for “~/Library/Logs”. Click on the triangle for “Crash Reporter”. Click on Devonthink Pro crash.log. Select a relevant crash log report and copy it to the clipboard. Paste it into TextEdit, save it, then convert it to a zipped archive and attach it to a message to Support. Please note your problem in the message to Support. This will provide more information to analyze what happened on your computer.

Note: I opened the Console on my MacBook Pro in order to give you navigational instructions to find the crash log. But since I’ve never had a crash of any kind on the MacBook Pro, there was no Crash Reporter. I had to move to an older computer to find one. :slight_smile:

What kind of documents are stored in the group? E.g. Apple’s WebKit (the “Safari engine”) sometimes crashes while converting HTML pages or web archives to rich text.

Please have a look at the folder ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter and check if there’s a crash log for DT Pro and send it to our support address - thank you!

Thanks for the tips

  • I varified & repaired with no issues
  • I found the crash log and sending it along to support
  • The only thing in the group is a bunch of URLs added from Devonagent. Nothing else. No PDFs, No other documents.

Still looking for a solution. If I can figure out how to delete a item or two at a time and find the buggy one - if there is one 'til I sort out the problem. I haven’t figured out a way to copy bits from one database to another. Any suggestions there?


Thank you for the log. But according to the log there has to be an HTML page or a web archive inside this group. And during the conversion of this page/archive, Apple’s WebKit crashes. Therefore please look for HTML pages/web archives inside the group.

Same setup same problem. I actually bought DT in order to collect and export documents that contains webarchives. What’s the workaround until this issue is solved?

A deeply annoying bug in an otherwise exellent product.



The problem remains that Apple’s WebKit has bugs that can show up when attempting to convert HTML or Web Archives to another format.

Please join us in sending your bug report to Apple, as sometimes the more they hear the sooner a problem is solved.

Possible workaround: curiously, I’ve never had a problem converting HTML pages or Web Archives to rich text. On the other hand, I’ve never tried exporting a group containing HTML or Web Archives as rich text.

Try this: Select each HTML or Web Archive, one at a time, and press the Toolbar Actions button and select Convert to rich text (or use the menu bar, Data > Convert to rich text. Perhaps you’ve got a particular file that triggers the Apple WebKit bug. If so, launch it’s URL, select all (or the portion you want) and send the rich text to your database as a replacement.

After successfully converting each HTML or Web Archive document to rich text, delete the HTML and Web Archive documents and your export of the group to rich text should go smoothly.

I find that I almost invariably use rich text captures from web pages, as many pages contain extraneous material including ads. Many sites, such as Science Magazine, make it easy to select just the text and images of a scientific paper. But if one pulls down the entire page, there are a number of ads and other material that would dilute the contextual focus of the paper. Many other sites provide the option of capturing a “print friendly” version that achieves the same result.