DevonThink Pro index of a Mac OS X Connected Drive?


I am evaluating Devonthink Office Pro. Very impressed.

I need for it to Index a Mac OS Network Drive. I connect to the Drive through the Finder Connect function. I am not always logged onto it.

If Office Pro can index the files, that alone justifies buying the product. However, when I go File, Index, the drive is not visible. Therefore I can not index it.

Obviously people DO index network drives. Are they connected differently somehow?

And, from reading/searching the blog… There seems to be a loss of the index when the drive disconnects?

If the connected device is visible in the “Shared” section of the Finder sidebar, then it should be indexable. (On my machine it is.) If the drive becomes disconnected then DEVONthink will indicate the file is “missing”. DEVONthink cannot show you a file on a drive that your computer does not know about – for that matter, no app can do that.

BTW, when I always want to be connected to a drive attached to a remote computer on my network I use the procedure discussed here: … ork-drive/