DEVONthink Pro Office (Mac Pro) is not detected by DTTG



My DEVONthink Pro Office (Version 2.3.3 on a Mac Pro) is not detected by the DEVONthink to Go App on the iPad (iOS 5), if i try to sync. some Documents. No Device is listed, when i start the Sync. Function on the iPad and after a while, the error message “Bonjour failed” occurs.

Previous approach:

Restarted all devices, reinstalled DTTG many times on the iPad.

So far nothing has helped.

I would be grateful for any help.

Best regards!

Do you use a firewall on the Mac Pro? That can sometimes interfere with the sync process.

I’m assuming you have the Mac Pro hooked up to a router with an Ethernet cable? I’ve read that some routers put wired connections on a different sub-network than wireless connections, which can also interfere with Bonjour. If you compare the IP address of the Mac Pro with the IP address of the iPad, the first three sets of numbers should be the same. If they’re not, they’re probably on a different sub-network. If that’s the case, there should be a setting on the router to change this behavior, but we’d have to know the router model to figure it out.

  1. Yes, my Mac Pro is hooked up to a router with an Ethernet cable.

  2. I´ve checked it > The first three sets of numbers are the same.

Have you successfully synced DEVONthink To Go before or is this your first time?

Another thing you can try is to download Bonjour Browser and use it to confirm the Sync Agent is correctly hosting its Bonjour service for DEVONthink Pro Office. When you launch Bonjour Browser, you should see a list of Bonjour services on your Mac Pro, including one for DEVONthink.

What type of router do you have? There could be another setting that’s interfering with Bonjour.

Is it possible your iPad is on a different network? E.g., over here I have my private wireless network, and another one for guests. Or it could be a neighbor’s network. Sometimes the iPad camps onto the wrong network and DTTG won’t find DEVONthink desktop.

First of all, thanks for your previous help.

  1. There was no successful sync. so far.

  2. The Bonjour Browser lists a Service in the “local” Area named _devonthink._tcp.
    I think, this is the Service you meant?

  3. I use the Router “DIR-300”, which i got from my Internet-Provider (Germany - Unitymedia)

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Yep, that’s the right one.

Does this look like your router? … ter-Manual

Do you have UPnP enabled? If not, try enabling it and trying again. There should be an Advanced Network page in the web interface of your router which has this option (also page 40 in the manual I linked to).

  1. That´s the right One.

  2. I checked my Router-Settings, UPnP is activated.

Best Regards

Does your Mac Pro have Airport? If so, you can try creating a local WiFi network on your Mac and connecting to that with your iPad directly.

To do that, in your Mac’s menubar click on the network icon (WiFi) and choose ‘Create Network’. That will create a network with your Mac’s Name, not connected to the Internet.

In Settings on your iPad select the new network and try Sync in DEVONthink To Go.

Your Mac’s firewall can also block Bonjour, so please make sure it is disable (System Preferences > Security > Firewall).


  1. Unfortunately an Airport does not exist.

  2. Mac Firewall checked > Inactive.

Best Regards

Are you still getting the “Bonjour failed” error when you try to sync and your Mac doesn’t appear?

What does your network setup look like (iPad, Mac Pro, router, etc.)? Do you have more than one Mac or run DEVONthink on more than one Mac?

  1. Error Message remains the Same > “Bonjour Failed: Bonjour was unable to find computers”.

  2. Router (Typ was mentioned in one of the previous posts) > 2 x Mac Pro + 1 x iPhone 4 + 1 x iPad 1 integrated in LAN.

  3. DevonThink is only installed on 1 Mac Pro.

Best Regards.

The problem persists, apparently I can only hope for an update.

Sorry for dropping the ball on this one. Unfortunately, I am currently stumped and haven’t been able to think of other options. I am hopeful that the new process will help, but I can’t guarantee that.

I had the same problem and solved it by simply connecting my iPhone with DevonThink To Go to my MacBook Pro with Devonthink Pro Office via the USB cable that comes with the iPhone. The device was then recognized and I could synch the apps. For some reason, Bonjour could not recognize the MacBook even though it showed up in the Devonthink To Go’s window on my iPhone. Anyway, forget the wifi sync and just use your connector (at least for now). If anyone does know of a wifi sync solution, please post it here. Thanks.

I have the same problem and cannot get my Ipad and DTTG to see my Mac I just get the same message. I have NO Firewall Bonjour Browser sees DT and router seems to be set up correctly and more advice?

I had a case where sync couldn’t be established to a Mini with Ethernet connection to its router.

Solution: Create a local network on the Mac, and sync could be established when the iOS device was set to the WiFi network created by the Mac.