DevonTHINK PRO office not showing up ScanManager


Just wondering if others have had this issue. When adding DTPO to ScanSnap as the application to open, the application name shows up as DevonTHINK instead of DevonTHINK Pro I do not have DTP in my Applications folder. Only DTPO. Should it not show up as DTPO? let me mention that I did have DTP previously installed but switched to DTPO. However I uninstalled DTP before installing DTPO. Could there be some reference to DTP lurking on my Mac? I also uninstalled the ScanSnap manager in hopes it would fix the problem. The reason for me running into this problem is because DTPO seemed to hang after doing a scan in ScanSnap.

Your help would be appreciated.

Thanks and I look forward to your reply.


Over here, in the ScanSnap Manager > Settings > Application tab I can click the Add or Remove… button, select any application in the list, select Change… and change the name of the application to whatever I wish.

Thanks for the reply. I understand you can change the name but the application path displays as /applications/DEVONthink instead of /applications/DEVONthink Pro This is my dilemma. Should the path not be /applications/DEVONthink Pro

Yes, it should be DEVONthink Pro Run the app - what does the DEVONthink > About splash screen say? ]]

Is it possible that you have another version of DEVONthink installed for another user, or on another drive?

Thanks for your reply.

I found a DEVONthink Pro app on my drive and deleted it.

I then did a Get Info on the DEVONthink Office file and noticed the Name/Extension field was set to DEVONthink I renamed it to DEVONthink Office and now it works fine.

Thanks again for your help.