DevonThink Pro Office registration

When attempting to re-register my 2.7.3 copy of DevonThink I receive the following:

“The entered license code is not valid for this application but it is for DEVONthink Pro Office 2.x. Please download and install DEVONthink Pro Office 2.x which will happily accept this license code.”

Has anyone else run across this?

Thank you,

Is it surely DEVONthink Pro Office that you are registering with that code? Not, perhaps, DEVONnote or DEVONagent?

Or perhaps you installed DEVONthink Pro instead of DEVONthink Pro Office?

The problem is that the application for which registration is being attempted is not the application for which registration was purchased.

The solution is to quit the Sorter (if it is running), then quit the installed DEVONthink application, move it to the Trash and download and install the correct application, DEVONthink Pro Office.