Devonthink Pro Office - Restrict via folder and/or file.

I am trying out DevonThink Pro Office, and I love it a lot. To be honest, though, some information I put into DTP I prefer not be available for searching. I would like to be able to give the ability for coworkers to search some stuff, but certain folders I want “locked” so that they can’t search through that. Examples would be e-mails and so on.

Would this be possible to implement into this application? So far, the Office version is really quite good.

Thanks. The developers are looking into an approach for that.

I advocate topical databases, but even so there may be some material I’d like to “seal off” when sharing via the new Web server.

A workaround would be to make a copy of the database (using a different file name) and delete from it those groups that you don’t want others to have access to, then use that copy for Web serving. (Don’t forget to go to preference and turn off Web server sharing before you open your “real” database.)

By the way, before making a copy of your database in the Finder, be sure to close it before making the copy.

Thanks for the information on that. I’ve been using topical databases, the only problem I have with it though is having two databases open at once. I don’t think that can be done at the moment, and even if it was, managing two databases with similar information is kinda tough. I did take out the private information and stored it into its own database so that it can’t be searched against. Some of that information I wouldn’t mind having available though for my own searching needs.