Devonthink Pro Office, Scansnap & Readiris 11

Hi Folks

I have all the above. I went to install new beta devonthink and it asked if I wanted to install the plugin for the scansnap. I said yes, and it worked the first time. When I closed the programme and went back to open it again it asked me the same question. This happened about 3 times until I ticked the box on the ‘do you want to install the scansnap plugin’ to dont show me this message again.

Now I can’t scan directly to DT.Pro.Office. Where is the setting to show the message again to allow me to re-install the plug-in for direct OCR to DT.Pro.Office?

Can I download and install the plugin directly?

Thanks for any help offered.

Open the settings in the ScanSnap Manager and select our application, if the plugin ran successfully before it should be in the application list. That is all the plugin does really…

Look in your Dock for ScanSnap Manager. Click and hold on the icon to check the options. Select Settings.

In Settings-Application, select (or add) DEVONthink Pro as the receiving application.

Hi Guys

Have done this and it’s not working.

It worked great the first time, but then asked me if I wanted to fix the problem with Scansnap to make Devonthink my default application to scan into.

I kept on clicking fix each time it opened, but the same message came up again and again each time DT was opened afresh.

I then deleted the link in the Scansnap settings to DT and re-linked it again - just doesn’t work at all now.

Can I manually fix this?

I ticked the box on the ‘fix’ pop-up message screen to not show the message again. I have looked for a way to make the pop-up box come up again with the option of (re)installing the plugin for Scansnap?

Any ideas would be most helpful.


Make sure you don’t have two copies of DT Pro on your hard drive, or that you are not confusing which one is actually DT Pro Office.

Then go to ScanSnap manager in the Dock, click on Settings. In the Applications tab delete DT Pro once more (in case it was a confusion between DT Pro and DT Pro Office). Now browse for and set your DT Pro (Office) application. You should be in business.

If not, try restarting your computer, in case a cache file is ‘stuck’ in memory. (First, unplug the USB connection from ScanSnap, and turn ScanSnap off by disconnection the power supply - again, in case a prior setting is ‘stuck’ in memory).

Connect everything up again. Once established, the setting to send scan output to DT Pro Office should work every time.

Ok, now here is what’s happening…

Its still isn’t working, but…if I have DT open already it works??

Next question…how can I atutomate this without having to open DT every time manually?


DT Pro Office absolutely, positively, must be open – with a loaded database – in order to receive the OCR’d PDFs from your scanner.

If DTPO is launched without an open database, the transmittal of OCR’d files will fail, as there’s no “vessel” to receive the files.

If you haven’t already done so, choose the database that you would like to open as default every time DT Pro Office is launched. That can be done using either File > Database Properties (check the option to make your desired database default), or in DT Pro Preferences - General.

When I’m scanning in a lot of material I may open a different database than the one I’ve designated as default. Just choose a different database using File > Open, or (if it has recently been opened) under File > Open Recent.


That worked great.

Much appriciated.