DevonThink Pro Office Web, doesn't work with Firefox?

I Think since the last update DT doesn’t work with Firefox on Windows. Is not possible to view PDF (PDF on other Website works fine) is there any AddOn or settings??

Which version of Firefox and windows are you using?

Windows 7 with Firefox 53.0.3 (32 Bit and on other system 64Bit!)

Thanks, we have managed to reproduce the issue and will look into the problem.

Any news…still a problem with Firefox?!

The same problem with the last update…only safari works, but no chance on Windows with firefox… :cry:

Ok, a lot of updates…but doesn’t work with firefox.

Still the same…Devonthink works now only in safari on mac…we change shortly our installation, no update to this bug, no answer in forum no…?!?

Changes in the latest versions of Firefox have shown up some incompatibilities with a library that is used in the web interface. We are currently working through these issues.