Devonthink Pro Office

I would like to use Devonthink Pro Office in our company.
Some question:
-Is there a server version or simply put the databases on a shared folder that they can be accessed by a user?
-Is there a client version (a lite version ) where staff can only work to manage files
-Can folders/groups in a databased be protected like a filesystem with permissions…
-Has Devonthink a better product for enterprises (8 persons) ? We mainly want to use it for all our papers so around 2000 DINA4 every month)

Kind regards

DEVONthink is a single-user-at-a-time application. DEVONtech has not provided a client-server version.

Turn off Spotlight indexing and put the database(s) on an encrypted disk image.

The forthcoming sync plugin (see Eric’s blog) could be helpful in some situations where you want to have multiple copies of a database. The question of sharing databases comes up from time to time on this forum, so you could search and find more on this topic.

Also, you might consider whether the Web interface of DEVONthink Pro Office might satisfy some of your needs. This allows multiple users access to database content via a Web browser such as Safari.

There’s currently a public beta available. See … ic-beta-2/