DevonThink Pro on a NAS?

I’m considering moving my DevonThink database to a Synology DS1512 NAS. Will that work alright?

Also, it would be sooo amazing to have some sort of Linux support for DevonThink. Synology has some great NAS boxes, and packages to do a lot of things. They have a cloud service as well where the unit will register itself with Synology and you can access it via So you can access your music and stuff. But if DevonThink developed a package for the unit’s Linux operating system (server part of the package) that could serve up the files to a connected Mac or iOS device…

But since that is not happening, I’m wondering if moving the DevonThink database to the NAS would allow it to work alright and possibly be alright for it to be accessed by multiple computers at the same time.


No harm in making a small test database and seeing how well the scheme works. But DEVONthink databases are not designed for multiple concurrent users so that part of the scenario could end up not well.

This wouldn’t allow simultaneous access to the database from multiple computers. But: we’re working on our sync technology and are actually already using its ability to sync through folders on e.g. servers on the network. I’d recommend staying tuned just a little bit more and keeping an eye on my blog.

With this approach you would keep the database on your computer and sync it with your NAS. From there your other Macs can check the database out and sync their changes wit the “hub” in the middle.