DevonThink Pro scripts and QuickSilver

Hi all,

I am starting to use Quicksilver and I would like to use it in combination with DT pro… I have seen a lot of DT pro users also using QS by google search etc. My problem is that I want to use the “copy to” scripts (e.g. copy selection to incoming) through QS… but I am not able to. They are not available as actions in QS if I select a file through QS… moreover, if I just select the file in the finder, then try to run the script through QS (which can be found) it does not properly execute (or doesnt execute at all)… the file does not get copied to incoming the way it would if I selected the file in finder and then ran the script from the menu bar script folder.

Anyone have any tips to help me figure this out?


The script posted in this thread…

…might be more useful.