DEVONthink Pro Server Questions

  1. Does DEVONthink Server allow you access your DEVONthink database anywhere in the world from a browser?
  2. Does DEVONthink Server come with a Dedicated Mac App copy so you can use DEVONthink on your Mac with a dedicated Mac app, or do you have to access DEVONthink via web browser if you pay for the Server Edition?
  3. Where do you install the DEVONthink Server Edition? Do you need to pay monthly for your own dedicated hosting server?

Welcome @farukhcasy2

  1. If your router is set up with proper port-forwarding, it’s possible to broadcast over the Internet. However, since this is equipment and environment-specific, we don’t offer instruction on that.

  2. Databases broadcast via the Server edition are accessed in a web browser.

  3. It runs locally on a Mac. It’s not a cloud service not is it remotely hosted, though technically you could employ a Mac-centric service like

I think @farukhcasy2 is asking if you can still use DT3 Desktop to access a database locally when it is broadcast via the web server. And the answer is yes - the DT3 Desktop app serves as the web server. You can access your database locally on your Mac with the full features of DT3 desktop while simultaneously the same database is available via the web server.