Devonthink PRO Zoom settings / Window size

I like to open up and look through a lot of documents/scanned PDFs. Is it possible to get DevonThink to remember the zoom setting or window size. I hate to have to open stuff in Preview or continually have to resize the window and/or zoom in? I’m using a 13" macbook so the standard window when I dobuleclick on a document is too small to read. I’m using Devonthink Pro 2.


In case of PDF documents, DEVONthink remembers the last window size for each document but we’ll add a default zoom preference to a future release.

I am having the same problem with the Split View. I have to zoom in every time I move to the next PDF document and I hate this.

So there is still no solution for this, is there?


Did this ever get addressed? I’m using DT 2.2 and I don’t see a default zoom option for PDFs yet.

The missing default zoom (for me) is the biggest flaw this program has. Please include that option.

Hey everyone! I also want to request default settings for viewing PDFs.

I posted a request somewhere else on this forum and I usually never post in forums, but this is one feature that I strongly insist (hope, wish, really really need) that DT Pro should acquire. If PDFs appeared bigger each time one came into list, or three-pane view then DT Pro would be a really great and very practical way to view PDFs. But right now, in order to see the PDF, we have to hit shift-cmd- +

any update on setting a default view for opening .pdfs?

The window size and position and the size of the text are causing a headache.

The window is always small, the text is also too small. It’s annoying that the user has to readjust the window and text view of each and every .pdf that is opened.

You say that the view is retained for a .pdf after the initial opening but this is not true either. The window position is retained for me but not the text zoom size.

I usually work in the Three Panes view. I generally set the view of documents in the document display pane as Zoom to Width.

To comfortably read a document such as a PDF on my MacBook Pro’s 15-inch screen, I switch to View > Full Screen > Document (Keyboard shortcut Command-F7).

Or if I open that document in its own window, as it’s in the Zoom to Width setting I can drag the left or right screen border to a width that makes for comfortable reading.