DEVONthink quits automatically after a few minutes and cannot open my database anymore

This is the first time I’ve encountered this issue. It seems like DEVONthink would always quit on its own after a few minutes of opening it. Afterward, it wouldn’t even open one of my databases. After double clicking the database, DEVONthink would say that may be used by another user (which might be because of me force shutting down my computer a while ago). Nothing would happens afterward, not even a message telling me that the database might be corrupted beyond recovery.

This problem still persists after restarting my computer, which is very strange, as it is the first time I’ve encountered this problem in a few years.

I forget the actual words of that dialog box you see, but I suspect there is a button to “continue” or something.

When DEVONthink closed unexpectedlly, it did not delete some locking files. When it started it saw those locking files were there and the startup algorithm rightly assumes it’s some other user. But you know there is no other user and if you “continue” DEVONthink will simply re-create those locking files for your use.

Why it always quits on it’s own is another mystery unless fixed by above.

Did you disable the system integrity protection on Monterey?

Yes, I disabled parts of the SIP. And yes, nothing happens after I click “Continue”, as in, the database is not loaded into the main window.

It’s an issue of the latest Monterey releases in case of disabled SIP. Only known workaround is to reenable it.

Now the problem is that when I open one of my databases, nothing happens after pressing “continue”. The database isn’t loaded into DEVONthink.

Does it still happen when you re-enable SIP to be totally “on” (all parts)?


Is anything reported in Window > Log?

I checked the logs and there’s nothing there.

Does it work after removing the DEVONthink.lock file from the database package?

It seems like the file is not there.

I can confirm that for another database that I was able to open, the DEVONthink.lock file is there, but not for this one that wouldn’t open.

It’s interesting, I copied a DEVONthink.lock file from another database to the current database and opened the current database. The lock file seems to disappear afterward.

Opened databases (and those which were not property closed, e.g. due to such a sudden termination) contain this file, closed database don’t.

I understand that, the database that I wasn’t able to open does not have the DEVONthink.lock file. Based on the experiment that I did, it seems like DEVONthink deleted the DEVONthink.lock file but did not load the database into the main window. DEVONthink also recognizes that the database I wasn’t able to open was “in use”, even though there was no DEVONthink.lock file.

Are you able to create a copy of the database (created via the Finder) while DEVONthink isn’t running? Or after rebooting the machine?

Both yes.

That was a typo in the morning (I’m sorry), the real question is actually whether you’re able to open the copies.

I wasn’t able to open the copies.