Devonthink Reminders via email


I have started to explore DT reminders at scale.

Specifically, I am wondering how I can add in additional data into a reminder email notification?

Right now, only the name of a file as well as an item link are sent.
Initially, I hoped, that the content of “Finder comments” or “annotation” field would be included into the reminder email message - but that does not seem to be the case.

Potential consideration for the future: I think, it would be very helpful to be able to e.g. leverage the content of e.g. “annotation” field to be sent with a reminder message - e.g. by selecting drop-down menu in annotation saying “include into reminder message”.

For example, I would like to include some instructions to myself, e.g. “check these bills”, go this website. etc.

Specifically I wanted to leverage a reminder feature on a file, to remind me about some DT smart rules which I need to execute manually from time to time. As I could not find a way how to remind on selected smart rules, I created a markdown file with item links to these rules, and wanted to have this included into the content of an email reminder. If these links could be included directly into the body of an email, it would simplify additional clicking in the DT UI.

The Send Email command in reminders and smart rules functions only as you see them. There is no user-configurable controls for it. Currently the only option is to run a script to change the behavior.

Development is aware of the potential for future enhancements but that’s the state of things now.

Development is aware of the potential for future enhancements but that’s the state of things now.

Thanks. I hope my use-case adds into your vast collection of user stories :slight_smile:

And our vast collection of feature requests, improvements, etc. :wink:

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Using the reminder option to trigger a script, we can compose our own email message
I have a reminder checking for my daily journal note and if missing, generates an email

And do bear in mind, part of the reason for the current behavior is that attaching files automatically may have a negative impact. This is especially true with attachment size limits imposed by your ISP. These limits also vary per situation, so a “one-size-fits-all” option is not so easily done.

So while it is possible to script these things, it will require more error-trapping to avoid unintended consequences.

That is very interesting! I did not think about it. Would you be able to share the scaffolding for your scrip?

I think there are some limits on the side of email providers but not ISP. But I am really looking for an option to include text (not attach files). Specifically I want to include item links to smart rules. So size is not a concern here.

set theSubject to "..."
set theContent to "..."
set theRecipientName to "..."
set theRecipientAddress to "..."

tell application "Mail"
	set theMessage to make new outgoing message with properties {subject:theSubject, content:theContent, visible:false}
	tell theMessage
		make new to recipient with properties {name:theRecipientName, address:theRecipientAddress}
	end tell
end tell