DEVONthink "Rules"

I would like to see a replacement for the existing “triggered” script feature which is only useful when the group or document that the script is attached to is clicked. The replacement could be a DEVONthink version of rules such as the feature in Apple Mail. Here’s a dream rule:

This combines features of smart groups and actions.

There are lots of techno issues to be considered in implementing this, but over here such a feature would sure be welcome. I suspect I’m not alone :question: :bulb:

I shouldn’t be allowed a vote on this but… +2.

Smart Groups are cool (but I want them cooler too) but having something similar to Smart Groups that act like HotFolders would be cool. The logical problem with the Smart Group is that the files matching the predicate of the Smart Group would often no longer match, or conversely would endlessly match (like the bind you get into with Folder Actions). But I like where your head is, korm.