DEVONthink, Scripting Bridge and getRecordWithUuid

I try to get a record using its Uuid and the Scripting Bridge but without success.

The code that I use is the following:

DEVONthinkProApplication *DT2 = [SBApplication applicationWithBundleIdentifier:@"com.devon-technologies.thinkpro2"];

DEVONthinkProDatabase *curDatabase = DT2.currentDatabase;
NSString *nameDatabase =;
NSLog(@"The name of the Database is: %@", nameDatabase);

//the problem is in this line:
DEVONthinkProRecord * linkedRecord = ... getRecordWithUuid:linkUuid in:curDatabase;

Actually I do not know what the syntax should be for the last line. I tried various things but nothing worked. The corresponding line in the DEVONthink Pro.h file is the following:

Moreover I do not understand what is the meaning of the

in the above line.

Any help is appreciated.


This might work:

DEVONthinkProRecord * linkedRecord = [DT2 getRecordWithUuid:linkUuid in:curDatabase];