Devonthink see also feature

Can anyone explain how this feature work ? I have indexed a large folder with all my research using devonthink. When I select a file and check the see also tab it is not able to list the files which I think should be associated with it.

Do we need to turn AI on ?

What kind of files did you actually index?

Searchable pdf.

The results shown in the See Also & Classify inspector depend only on the contents. Name, URL and metadata don’t matter. How large are the PDF documents?

Not very large. Most of them are single page documents.

And what do these pages contain?


But what kind of text? E.g. receipts, bills, letters etc.

These are flash cards. I have converted them from images to searchable pdf.

I take screenshots when I learn online through video.

Any examples you could share or send to cgrunenberg - at -


screenshot 2019-09-16 at 9.43.45 am.pdf (77.3 KB)

And what is reported in See Also?

Could you solve your problem?


How about you show me your problem on your Screen?