Devonthink Server 3.8

The built in server is repeatedly failing after some time passes (hours?). Nothing loads, so there’s no login screen. Going into preferences-server and stopping and starting the server immediately fixes the issue and I can load the login page and successfully login (it works locally or from another network).

Any tips would be appreciated, as I’m not sure how to proceed. Thanks

OS 11.5.2

Can you quantify the time elapsed more accurately than “hours?” ?

I’d need to track it for a bit to be certain, but it works for at least 2-3 hours and isn’t working the next day. I can reboot it in the morning and see how long it makes it.

Which browser do you use, does a restart of the browser fix this?

I am completely new in server issue. But I got the task to give my colleagues access to the database on DevonThink in external network (not local). Each of us works at home on MacBookPro.
We have the server licence. I tried to follow the topic Accessing your data over the Internet in Help in DevonThink. I can give access in the local network but I do not know how to give access in the external network.
Is it possible to instal DevonThink on the MacBookPro in our office as a server)? I underline that I am new in server issue. Do you know tutorials, guider which could show me the detail steps to give the external access my colleagues?