DEVONThink Server: Viable Solution?

I have a database of training documents and reference files I would like to make available to people who are using a mix of devices (Mac, PC, iOS/iPadOS, android). I would like to keep a log of which documents are being accessed, when, and by who so we can prioritize revisions and improve formal trainings. For example, if people are regularly referencing a document while completing another training we might want to integrate/link that content into the training itself.

Would DEVONthink Server support this use case?

My plan would be to run a pilot study of about 35-40 users for about 6 months and if it works, I suspect we would want to support up to 1000 users. Is there a maximum number of simultaneous users it can support per host server?

Maybe, but I have my doubts it will meet the needs. I am pretty sure there are commercial web apps out there that handle all aspects of the process, especially tracking, access controls, record-keeping, etc. If your organisation has access to Microsoft Sharepoint I am pretty sure there are apps for that environment that will work better. Or other “enterprise” systems.

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I really don’t know anything about Sharepoint or how it works (looks complicated). I work with a lot of organizations so they would all need access to the shared documents. None of the trainings are organization specific or proprietary (I own the content.) I was mostly exploring DEVONthink Server because I am familiar with it the User Interface and already have documents linked within it.

OK. Try. Design it. Do a pilot. I just figured with a 1,000 users you would have an IT dept to assist. What you are embarking on is complicated regardless of the technology. Good luck.

I would like to keep a log of which documents are being accessed, when, and by who

  1. How would you expect to gather these metrics?
    It seems infeasible you would set up 35, 40, or 1000 websharing user accounts.

  2. The user logs would have to be scraped and it wouldn’t be a simple process, given the recorded data.

I see. I was thinking Server was essentially producing a local website that I could provide unique logins for and then generating an access log with timestamps for each file/folder that I could review. I don’t need people to modify the documents. I just need to know, when they read a document with a hyperlink did they click the link?

I figured I could export it into Excel, group users based on variables, and see if those group are developing trends. Things I would ask of it:
How frequently are specific users engaging with the database?
How many times was any one file accessed by a select group of users?
What searches are the users doing?
When, relative to in person trainings, are they accessing the documents?
How many days between file access.

I am looking for any data that can help me improve the files.

I think it’s a broad definition to call it “producing a local website”. It’s broadcasting a database, not publishing it.
The user accounts are handled in DEVONthink, not on the site.
Each item is not logged by filename nor group name.

The data recorded in the logs would not be easily parsed to get the information you’re imagining.

That’s a shame. OK. Sounds like it’s not a good solution for me. On the plus side, DT3 is great and when I find a solution it probably won’t be that hard to export what I have already put together.

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Thanks for the nice words!
And note, yours is the first request I can recall and not something the websharing was built to accomplish. That’s a very specific use case.