DEVONthink Server Webserver Feature Requests

After having used the web interface for a couple of weeks, a couple of feature requests–

  1. The server times out/logs out after some indeterminate time frame after which one must re-login. However, the interface does not indicate that this timeout has occurred and just simply becomes unresponsive. Suggestions:

    • When the connection times out, offer a warning (e.g., “You have been inactive for X minutes, click okay to continue your session”); and/or when the connection times out, return to the login page.
    • A server-side setting to determine the length of time before a timeout occurs.
  2. Widescreen vs. Standard view (and Get Info pane) settings stick between sessions. On the web, I prefer the widescreen view with the Info Pane open, but this constantly resets.

  3. The ability to create a new Markdown note from the web interface.

    • Relatedly, if I embed a style sheet in a Markdown note, the web interface uses an embedded style sheet, but does NOT use the global style sheet if there isn’t one embedded.
      • This also raises the issue that it would be nice to be able to get the item link (x-devonthink-item://…) for a record in the web interface.

Obviously, the more features of the desktop version I can have web-based access to, the better–but I also really do want to respect the fact that the web version can never be as feature-rich as the desktop version and that my use-case for the webserver is not the intended use-case. I also don’t want to lose development capital chasing the “perfect” web app–and, I think this was one of Evernote’s faults–trying to be everything to everyone instead of focusing on their strengths.

We feel the same way.
And your requests are noted.


I noticed this morning that the option to create a new Markdown file is available in the web interface–I swear it wasn’t there yesterday…

Nope. It was just hiding from you apparently :wink:

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