DEVONthink Sorter and Spaces

Spaces has really become one of my favourite OS X features, and I’ve now set up MacBook, so that applications relating to general day-to-day work, such as Mail, web surfing and task management are assigned to space 1, and all my academic research stuff, including Bookends, Scrivener and DEVONthink are in space 2 (I keep it simple with a two-space setup).

The DEVONthink Sorter is a neat new feature, and I quite like having it in the background. I just really wish there was a way to assign it to a specific space (right now it appears in all spaces), so that I’m not bothered by it when I’m not in the middle of my research. I’m not crazy about having that DEVONthink pane on the left of my screen when I’m wasting my time on Facebook (or other useless stuff). :slight_smile:

I see that the DEVONthink Sorter is located within the DEVONthink application bundle, and therefore not accessible within the spaces settings. Anyone out there knows a solution to this?


I’m afraid not. I find Spaces problematic not only with DT but also Leap, which likewise has a tab on the side of the screen.

Actually it is if you:

• click the ‘+’ button in Spaces prefs
• select Other… in the menu
• type Shift-Command-G for the “Go to the folder:” sheet
• type /Applications/DEVONthink folder into the path field (or drag&drop it from Finder
• select DEVONthink and click the Add button
• assign DEVONthink Sorter to a specific space
But I haven’t tested that since I’ve disabled Sorter because of another issue.

Thanks for the tip. Couldn’t get it to work, though, but I’ve decided to disable the sorter for now anyway.