Devonthink Standard - INBOX and Scansnap support?


As said in another post, we have purchased additional Devonthink Standard license.
Two questions:

  • Does Devonthink Standard support auto-import from the INBOX? If yes, how to get this going?
  • Does Devonthink Standard support scanning from Fujitsu scansnap? (with our pre-license issue situation, scans from the scansnap were auto-imported, I think from the scansnap)

Thanks for helping out!

Yes it does. Just ensure that there’s no more inbox of version 2 in the Finder’s sidebar, then install the one of version 3 via DEVONthink 3 > Install Add-Ons.

You can send scans from any scanner software to the Standard edition too but you have to configure this on your own and OCR isn’t supported.

For quick actions we would still need to be able to use v2 during a certain transition period.

If I understand correctly removing the INBOX would disable import for v2.
Do we have the possibility to name the v3 INBOX differently? I assume not.
What solutions have we got at hand here?

Thanks for helping out!

Both versions on the same computer is not recommended. But you could try to use multiple user accounts and e.g. install one version only in a separate account instead of in /Applications.

No you cannot rename the Inbox’s alias in the Finder’s sidebar and have things work correctly.