DEVONthink SUPERsync

Dear DEVONthink-team,

I just wanted to really, really, really say a huge


for the new SUPERsync provided in DEVONthink 2.9. It is all I wished for. And all I could hope for. My databases are open and active on three Computers, since almost a week, and all are syncing perfectly! It’s just like magic!

Thank you so much for all your work and (re-)coding the sync-engine. I wanted to write this post since I first installed version 2.9, but I waited if I could find any issues with the sync. I didn’t.

Fantastic work!


Thanks for the nice feedback :blush: :mrgreen:

Isn’t it?! :smiley: I remember getting the first alpha builds and thinking it wasn’t doing anything at all… because it was Syncing so quickly!
It is magic indeed! :mrgreen:

Another round of applause from me. I think the small Devontech team have redefined expectations of app data syncing capability.

Congratulations and thank you/danke schön. :smiley:

What sync method do you use?

I use WEBDAV on an external server. Sorry for not mentioning it.

Before version 2.9 I used 2 Synology-Diskstations with a shared (DEVONthink-syncstore-) folder, which synced every full hour. So after manually checking that the syncstore-sync between the Diskstations was done, we were able to open a new instance of DEVONthink. The setup was chosen because WEBDAV (on an external server) was too slow and unusable (because my upload-rates are horrible and my changes of the databases are quite huge every day), syncing between two raspberry pis (setups with owncloud (which sucked) and rsync via VPN) was a little bit better than that but not perfect.

All these hardware-purchases are now to be given away because I don’t need them anymore. They were only bought for syncing DEVONthink databases.

I’m still amazed. :slight_smile: