Devonthink Sync 403 forbidden

Ok thanks for that tip. I believe the corresponding log message is "8 Failed Downloads, 0 Invalid Checksums)

Hard to tell sometimes what error log corresponds to what :sweat:

No problem.
Did you do the thorough verification?

  • Do you happen to be running a VPN?
    • If so, which one?

Yes thorough verification (saw it when it was halfway done but didn’t stick around to watch it complete)

And what was finally reported in the Log window?

I was assuming the “8 failed downloads…” mentioned above was the outcome

Thanks. It wasn’t clear if this was the tail end of the log.

If you know what database isn’t syncing, select the sync location, then Control-click the database in the Databases list on the right, and choose Clean Database.
After the clean has been successfully reported in the Log window, enable syncing the database again.

Cleaning seems to have solved the problem thanks

You’re welcome.

This has continued recurring every couple months, the master.plist file not syncing due to forbidden 403.

The database is 3GB. It takes all day to Clean Database due to slow connection. Is there something else I can do, or a way to prevent this?

I’m warned when I click “clean database” that some items aren’t downloaded. Does that mean cleaning will erase them? How can I track down what items those are?

Sync was finally working in the background after I gave up bonjour. I just need one of them to work consistently. I’m almost a year into using DT and still spending about an hour every week fixing sync problems. Is there a most reliable sync setup?

Sure, Bonjour.

That’s what I assumed. I was willing to give up remote sync, and had for months. But bonjour would never do background syncing. If I wanted it to sync, I had to click the little cloud on mobile devices and stand there and watch it work. The remote sync stores have been much better at syncing automatically.

From my experience and our tickets, this isn’t a sync issue. It’s a WebDAV issue and one that sporadically occurs and goes away. I’ve even seen it when I ran internal WebDAV via OS X Server.

It would be nice to have a notice in the manual, or a warning when the option is selected, when there are known issues like this.

It is not a consistent or controllable event. Documenting it in the manual would make it appear to be an expected or inherent issue, which isn’t the case. Also, we’d have to document such potentials for any sync method. Seeing as it’s not something that happens to all people often, we have chosen to address it one-on-one as needed.

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