DEVONthink Sync via iCloudKit continuously reports timeout errors


I have a problem with synchronization, it has been going on for weeks… Here are some information:

  1. I have several databases synced with iCloudKit. But recently, one of them always has sync error but the other databases are all okay.


  2. I tried clearing the cloud content of that database and then re-syncing (uploading) this database completely. At first, I can see that it keeps uploading files, but after some certain time, the uploading stops with the same timeout error and then the synchronization of this database can’t be completed because of the interrupted uploading.

  3. check the database doesn’t show errors

  4. I am using the latest DEVONthink 3.8.3

From my view, it looks like some files in that database are causing the sync to fail. But I don’t know how to find those problem files. So I am looking some helps here ::

Thank you all in advance

You could try using Bonjour instead. ICloud is notoriously unreliable.

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Do you have sufficient space on Apple’s iCloud servers to support the CloudKit sync, and on your computer?

Try another sync method. Apple’s iCloud/CloudKit are known to be unreliable.

Note: the files on iCloud are not copies of the databases, but special sync files only useable by DEVONthink app for sync.