DevonThink Tips and Tricks: "How to Quickly Access Documents" ⌃⌘O Correction, bug ? and suggestions

I very much enjoy reading Tips and Tricks.

In the latest “How to Quickly Access Documents”, (everything below refers to ⌃⌘O)

  • modifier
    it is written that the ⌥ modifier opens the document in its own document window. If I ⌥ Click, the document is opened in the external editor (example: a RTF file opens in textedit in my configuration). To open the document in its own document DevonThink window, I have to press ⌘

  • bug ?
    when I press ⌃⌘O, the cursor is sometimes in the search box but 30% of the time not (in which case I have to click in the search box before I start typing). It seems that in those cases, the search box opens but DevonThink navigates to another front window before the user has started typing

  • wish list
    the biggest problem I encounter with ⌃⌘O is that DevonThink seems to expect the user to remember words in the right sequence.
    If I have an item named Covid Pandemic 2022 RT Synopsis, and type RT Synopsis Covid in the search box, I will get no results. This is a major impediment to using ⌃⌘O. Is there any kind of workaround I could use so that I would not have to write the search terms when I am not sure of the order ?

thanks in advance for your time and help

I can’t reproduce this, which version of DEVONthink and of macOS do you use?

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Monterey 12.6.6
DevonThink 3.9.1
thank you