DEVONthink To Go 3 is here! Question

The much anticipated DTTG 3 was just released on the App Store. Very nice indeed. It does iCloud syncing much faster.


The old iCloud Sync is called “iCloud (Legacy)” – how do I change my sync store there to the new iCloud format?

Here’s what I did that seemed to work:

  1. Tap on iCloud (Legacy)

  2. Turn off iCloud Legacy Sync

  3. Turn on CloudKit sync, putting in the password if you’re using one.

The sync went ok. Lots of errors, but they slowly resolved themselves and now everything is good. My concern is that I may still be using iCloud storage for the Legacy sync, and I have no idea where to go to delete it.

Hope that helps!

@nbanks Thanks for the clarification. I had to click the “Edit” button to find the "iCloud (CloudKit) version.

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Are you also syncing DEVONthink on a Mac?
If so, I have already covered that you should clean the legacy location to reclaim the space if you’re switching to CloudKit.

Thanks @BLUEFROG I saw that in another thread.

Here’s a challenge I’m running into:
When I try to switch on iCloud (CloudKit) some of my databases warn:

This database has not been downloaded completely to this device. Uploading it to a new sync location will cause problems because some of the items will be missing.

Proceed anyway / Cancel

Here are my settings from iCloud (CloudKit)

That’s because you’re using a shallow sync.

Have you already synced the databases to CloudKit from DEVONthink on the Mac?

When I right click on the Legacy locations, I am unable to clean them. Am I doing something wrong?

You called it correctly @BLUEFROG , though I don’t know what “shallow sync” means.

My two problem Databases say “Not yet synchronized, upload database.”

Is there a way to “nudge” the sync along?


The location must be enabled in order to sync or clean. Otherwise DEVONthink won’t talk to the remote location.