DEVONThink To Go, 3 Pane View, iPad

Apologies in advance, I searched and didn’t find a topic titled this. 3-Pane view would be a huge improvement on the ability to navigate the database.

Then preview window now takes up 2/3rds of the screen. It really only needs to exist when I select a file, then the 3-pane can collapse down to 1 pane (deepest point in structure).

Then, say, the preview has an (x) in the top right corner, I return to the 3 pane view and the file de-selects.

It’s very hard right now to use DTTG and the default iOS files app has 3-pane. I can’t download all my DT files (too many) and I can’t use iOS files to navigate DT as I can’t access or view any files which I haven’t already downloaded - which I can only invoke from DTTG, after navigating to the file.

My only other solution would be to buy the 1TB iPad model so that I could download everything and then basically live inside iOS files when I need to use something, and use DTTG as an information clipper from the ShareSheet, which isn’t justice for DTTG and its feature set (like smart groups).

I was considering DT server edition just so that I could use the web browser on my iPad as an improvement in UI over the app but I stopped in my tracks thinking, “that’s a ridiculous solution to my problem!” And introduces host of different problems, such as no longer being able to drag-and-drop files into DTTG anymore.

Surely I’m not the only person to feel this way?

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No promises, but the request is noted. And actually you’re the first person I’ve seen mention this.

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Hi, just wanted to chirp in and say I always have appreciated the fast and sincere community engagement!

I’m this close to a 100% digital workflow on my iPad for academic work! I use Devonthink To go, Roam Research and TimeHero for EVERYTHING - or at least - trying to as I haven’t quite got the workflow.

Another possibility on making navigation more accessible is actually a feature you already have on the mac:

The left fixed pane has toggle arrows that allow groups to expand and collapse up and down the screen. This provides a functionality similar to 3 pane, allowing at a glance the hierarchy visible.

Meanwhile I am settling on using DTTG more aggressively, such as more often giving meta-thought on DTTG (instead of using it!) and managing my groups - so that my databases are more and more “flat”, whereas with a larger view that sort of overhead isn’t important.

Thank you on reading :partying_face:

You’re welcome and thanks for the generous comments! :slight_smile:

Just in case anyone is reading on and curious about the toolset used, I no longer use TimeHero for task, project or time management.

I switched to Tick Tick. It has an integrated calendar view, native iOS environment and far lower overhead in terms of tool utility.

I still use DTTG for file and information management and Roam for note-taking and information management.

I’m still learning where the exact threshold is personally for me in terms of blending Roam and DTTG, but both are in use.