DEVONthink To Go and search operators

Using version 1.5.7B.

Does DEVONthink To Go support:

  1. Boolean operators; and/or

  2. searching for items which are flagged?

I cannot find any information about either of these and when I try, e.g.


no result is returned (although on DEVONthink Pro Office a result is returned).

hi. i am pretty sure it is just simple one-word searches, because that is all that seems to work as expected for me. you need to restrict the searches to flagged items if you want to find them.

it’s a fine app, but it would be a lot better with more robust searching and sorting by groups, tags, flags, etc. (at the moment, you have to decide the sort type ahead of time and organization by tags is impossible). maybe version 2 :slight_smile: