Devonthink to Go crash


DTTG latest beta crashes on iOS version 12.3 (16F5129d) on iPhone XS and iPad Pro 12.9"


There is no active beta of DEVONthink To Go. You should be running the public release from the iOS App Store.
Please update to the public edition and se if it continues.


Downloaded and installed from App Store. Now working on both devices. Thank you for good advise!


I have the same problem but with the public release from the app store. ticket #824824


I have the same problem in my iPad, since a few days ago. I always worked very well with DTTG (all DT apps are great and work very well together), but suddenly I open the app, it stays open for 5 seconds and then disappear! It stays in the background, active and I can fetch it again, but it keeps running into the background and I can’t work with it. I have installed it again from the AppStore but the problem stays there.
Anyone have the same problem?