DEVONthink To Go - iPhone or iPad

  1. Any issue with visual, or other issues using your iPhone?

  2. Does everyone us DTTG on your iPhone & iPad, thoughts?

I am moving forward to DEVONthink from Evernote, so I have a few questions.

Thank you, Ja’acov

Don’t know what you mean by “issues with visual” on the iPhone or iPad… no issues I can think of that could be described as “visual”.

I use DTTG with the additional In App Purchase on both my iPad and my iPhone.

For my iPad I have both personal and work databases synced.
For my iPhone I have only my personal databases.

DTTG is great on my iPhone and iPad. Integration with the Files application adds a lot of flexibility. I do a lot of PDF management and reading on my iPad in DTTG, but sometimes I use an external PDF application to read or edit PDFs stored in DEVONthink, which Files integration makes pretty seamless.

I use iCloud for syncing all my databases, which has been problem-free for me. I previously used Dropbox which was also great.

Like anything else, this is easy to test for yourself – since our opinions don’t really tell you what you will like or not. Have you installed DEVONthink to Go on both your phone and iPad? (Assuming you have both.) See for yourself.

For myself, I have the same databases synced to both devices – iPhone X and iPad Pro 9.7. For most documents, I use the phone for quick look up because the form factor is not great for things like PDFs, which I have a lot of. Also, the experience of looking at documents on a phone in DEVONthink to Go is really no different than the experience of looking at them in some other app on the phone.

I don’t use the phone for PDF annotation. I use it minimally for creating documents. I mainly do those things on the iPad. With the magic of DEVONthink Sync, I can make sure desktop, phone and iPad have the same data.

Thank you for your valuable insight in using DEVONthink. Do you use an external hard drive for back up too? if so, which one? Thanks again & hope you have a nice weekend.

I don’t have a special backup system for DEVONthink specifically. My backup strategy is for my entire computing setup and is as follows:

  1. Time Machine backup to external USB drive
  2. Bootable Carbon Copy Cloner clone to external USB drive
  3. Backblaze off-site backup

All three of these destinations backup my DEVONthink content along with the rest of my system.
Of course I make use of several sync services, but those are not backups and I do not treat them as such.

I have more backup destinations than is probably reasonable :laughing:

But, what @scottloughleed said is roughly what I do.

Thanks again for your expertise in this area. Greatly appreciated! :smiley:

I want to have DEVONthink To Go on my iPhone & iPad. Does this require two purchases? please let me know

Not if they’re signed into the same Apple ID.

They would be signed in with the same Apple ID. Thank you for your help :slight_smile: